How It Works

The patent-pending Swivel Bottle is a dual-beverage container with 360° of rotation. Each bottle reservoir holds 8 ounces of fluid. To use, simply rotate the bottle by spinning the bottle in the palm of your hand in order to select your drink of choice. Grab a drink by squeezing the bottle, and the liquid squirts out of a leak-proof one-way nozzle. With a flick of the wrist, you can then rotate the Swivel Bottle another 180°, allowing you to drink from the other bottle reservoir. Various colors are possible to help you differentiate one beverage from the other. The Swivel Bottle also features a comfortable soft rubber hand grip and an adjustable strap that makes the bottle easy to hold for long periods of time.

The Swivel Bottle comes apart very easily for cleaning. Simply unscrew the bottle tops, remove the plastic ring holding the bottle in place, and remove the bottle reservoir from the pocket in the central part of the bottle frame. The bottle reservoirs and caps are completely dishwasher safe.

When fully assembled and filled, the bottle weighs no more than a standard 16 ounce sport bottle. The hand strap is fully adjustable to fit snugly around hands both large and small.

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